Howdy, Pardner!

Welcome to Marla's Bonanza Movable Men - where men are men and made of plastic.

A few years ago I rediscovered one of the early loves of my life - Bonanza!  Life had gotten in the way, (and it does that, doesn't it?) and I had set aside Little Joe Cartwright and his family for other things like work!  As I watched the show again, I remembered that - once upon a time -

I had a Little Joe Cartwright action figure.  I went looking for one and found it and bought it and thought that was that. 

Ah, how little did I know the mind of the artist!  Once I had Little Joe in hand (a dream of my fan-girl days, I can tell you!), I began to play with him. Then I added Ben and Hoss and created my own Adam using a wonderful head created by Wes McCue - and the rest is history!  

This website has been created to archive all of my Bonanza Movable Men adventures.  I hope you enjoy them!